What to do when you ask yourself "What are you doing this for?"

what are you doing this for 2I can’t lie, behind the scenes work is exhausting. It doesn't help you hardly see any benefits from it for a long time. You’re constantly working and moving toward something, and that something even changes along the way. Because there’s not an audience clapping each time you make a leap or complete something challenging, it is easy to wonder what you’re doing all this for. I wish I could make it easy. Make it easy for everyone who is working hard for what they want but still fail to see their work pay-off quite the way they would like it to. But there’s no easy way around it, there’s only pushing through it. That’s it. That’s your only option to the other side. You can stop and say I’ll start again later. You can put it on hold for better timing or when you feel rejuvenated. But the truth is there is no better time. The foundation you’ve been building will then lose its strength, it’s growing power. It relies on your consistency. It relies on you pushing through these initial stages. You must not let go of what you know you want. No matter what. Things may not be looking on the up and up. Things could really suck right now but don’t stop. Stopping is not an option to get what you want out of life. This is the warrior in you looking for a reason to come out and fight the battles you never thought you could. We have more strength in our minds than we do our bodies. Don’t worry about whatever else is going in your life because those won’t ever be eliminated.

All you have to do is show up.

Show up every time.

Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and months into years. There is no stopping time. This time will past whether you decide to do something with it or not. Allow your actions to compound as time passes. Allow your dreams to expand each and every day. Give yourself the opportunity to be something totally different than you were before. Take a piece of time and use it. Cuz what you don't use, you lose.

Feel Free,