What Necole Bitchie Taught Me About Living Your Truth

We are in a day and age when salacious news trumps truth and positivity. The Love and Hip Hop series on VH1 is the most watched tv show not because they're curing Aids or helping the needy. There's more drama in one episode than an entire senior year in high school. The characters are willing to entertain by any means necessary in order to stay relevant instead of living a life of truth and positivity. People are so scared to find their own voice, live their truth, and give into their own unique power that, they would rather follow what is trendy.

MY TRUTH I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to impress on the world. I've been thinking about my message and how I want it to influence people. There are many bloggers out there building their business and brand. Some have no interest on how their message is received or what they deliver as long as people are watching. Not I. It matters to me greatly what people think about or do after visiting my page. I want those of you who take the time to read each post to do great things, feel better about yourself, find freedom in living your truth, and most of all, increase love and positivity in every area of your life.

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HOW TO FIND YOUR TRUTH When someone is bold enough to take a chance on something that's not popular but instead is powerful, they are looking to evoke change in people instead of provoking change. Evoking is when you are looking to bring out the best in the people you influence. Provoking is when you are pushing someone to take notice in you. (Posting 100 times a day, talking to be talking without a purpose or a clear message, grabbing attention however and whenever)


Necole Bitchie (as many know her but her real name is Necole Kane), celebrity gossip blogger turned messenger of truth, change, and positivty, said

 When someone hands you the mic you should have something worthy to say.

This message touched me because I know that I want to encourage, inspire, and enlighten those around me to be all that they want to be. I know that regardless if I inspire one or thousands it all matters, because people do AMAZING things when they are inspired. By no means do I claim to be a guru. My creative expression -- my writing, my pictures, my work is me living my own truth. I would be doing these same things in private, but I've decided to grab a piece of the internet and share it. There's great power in a testimony. If my path encourages others to find their own then by all means I will not stand in the way.

This is a text I received from someone who is finding her own truth
This is a text I received from someone who is finding her own truth

THERE IS PURPOSE IN LIVING YOUR TRUTH Whether your gift is writing, speaking, acting, running, marketing, whatever it may be, there is a great purpose for that talent that you must discover. There is nothing wrong making money from your gifts or presenting them for others to recognize, but until you determine the purpose behind your talent there will always be a sense of longing for something more.

The bravery it took for Necole to step into a lane of her own and start something less popular but more purposeful is the kind of trait needed to follow your own path and not fear it's outcome. I am gratful for people like her who are willing to fight for the good things in this life- love, happiness,  passion, peace, community. Because enough people are fighting for the fleeting- money, fame, glamour, trends.

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Although there is enormous uncertainty to where your truth will lead you, it is only because it has never been created by you before. Therefore you are creating something one of a kind. There is something more in store for us all if we dare to explore it. It's not beside you, it's not behind you, it's not even in front of you, it's within you. It always has been and always will be. Now let it out.

***How do you live your truth? Share how you are currently living your truth or what you intend to do in order to start living it. I'd love to know. Comment below!

Feel free, Mel