Why Do People Copy Others?

Nothing is more impressive than a woman who is secure in the unique way she was made. --Anonymous
Nothing is more impressive than a woman who is secure in the unique way she was made. --Anonymous

Big lips✔ Coke bottle figure✔ Long hair✔ Eyelashes that make my eyes look like a spider✔ Light skin with a hint of tan✔ Big breasts✔ Ass that mimics that of Nikki Minaj.....impossible, that girl is an alien.

So many females have taken their bodies and changed it in into something unnatural and trendy instead of embracing beauty that is authentic and unique.

I don't really understand the reason for doing this. Yes I do have my own set of insecurties: my skin is prone to breakouts, my knuckles are fat (those of you who only wear rings on one finger know what I'm talking about), and my ass... let's just say it's more like Kelly's than Beyoncé's.

We all have features that are far from perfect, but since when was being a duplicate of another the goal?

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It is natural for us to yearn to be part of a group. We are drawn to likness. That's how we determine friends, companions, political parties, amongst many other things, but it's through our differences where our true identity is formed.

People often copy others in hopes to have what they have. But just like the old saying goes,

Everything ain't for everybody"

It is your own style and personality that will grab the attention of others. People are in awe of those who can shamelessly brings forth who they are.

When going after your dreams it's so easy to look to those you admire and mimic their every move. They are the blueprint, they are the idols. As long as you follow their lead you don't have to risk being different and you don't have to find your own way.

But it doesn't work that way. We are not meant to replicate anyone else. Someone else's greatness is revealed to inspire you to find your own. We fear that what we have to offer may not be good enough, worthy of acceptance or admiration, or worse--- will be ignored.

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Doing great things and living a great life will always come with great risks to our ego. The true test is doing it anyway.

The one thing that people from all walks of life relate to is




When you put aside your fears of not being liked or accepted, and embrace who you are and what you have to offer, you are bound to get back that exact authenticity from others.

Remind yourself,  ain't nobody built like you, you designed yourself " Jay-Z

Whatever is different about the way you look, the way you sound, or the way you persue you goals, own it. It is your key to discovery. Common ones are nice, but it's the uncommon who are unforgettable. Feel Free, Mel