Why is it hard listening to your heart?

Everyone tells you this so many times throughout life. There is always something or someone reminding you to listen to that voice within--- as if you have all the answers to your questions and dilemmas right inside, if only you paid attention to it. If we know this, why do we still get lost on what’s the right thing to do? Why do we need to seek counsel from friends, family, trusted advisors on how to make the right decisions for our lives? Is it the fear of it not working out the way we expect, that causes us to hesitate? Is it the unwanted consequences we know are soon to come if we choose to follow our heart? Is it the reactions from others that we will have to bare once the decision is made? Is it the fear that if we listen to what is inside, we won’t actually get what we want? At one point or another, it’s all of these things and more. The fear of messing up something that’s okay or good but doesn’t feel quite right, haunts us. Not knowing what the future holds, frightens us. Believing we can’t have what we truly want, discourages us. For example, how do you know real love truly exists if you’ve never experienced it? You have heard it in songs, seen it in movies and nearly touched it in books, but you’ve never felt it. You’ve never even seen anyone else feel this thing called love. Lust, yes but love, never up close. You know love exists because you believe that it does. Ultimately, that alone is enough to hold onto the idea that true love is out there for you. This is the same kind of thinking that has people longing for a career doing something they love. Unfortunately, that is where most of our hopes and dreams stay-- in our thoughts, in our daydreams, in our mind, but not in our reality. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it is true. Majority of people take the most convenient route instead of the truest.

Listen to your heart

Majority of people accept whatever kind of job they can get instead of invest in their talents.

Majority of people find someone who looks good on paper, instead of waiting for someone who makes their heart sing.  Majority of people find it hard listening to their heart but desire to hear it just as much.

There is no formula or remedy to following your heart. As I said in the beginning, we all have the answers that lead us to our truest desires. The only question is are we willing to do it?