Why you shouldn't get mad about time lost

TimeIt’s 6:30 a.m and I overslept. My son is supposed to be fed and out the door by this time. I also should have pumped by now. I haven’t been up for one whole minute and my day is already an hour behind. So what do I do next, I push everything that should have already been done to the next hour. I make it to work but don’t have my wallet and the parking lot only takes credit cards when all I have is cash. Luckily, I find another parking lot but now I’m officially late for work. Thank goodness I don’t have to clock in or out so my money isn’t affected but my schedule is pushed back even more. I catch up with coworkers and shuffle through my email backlog that will never become up-to-date. It’s now 10 a.m and I haven’t done an ounce of work or pumped an ounce of milk. At this point I’m feeling thrown off my game, irresponsible for oversleeping, anxious because I know how much work is on my desk but I need 30 minutes to pump. (If you know nothing about breastfeeding here’s your lesson for the day. The more you feed or pump, the more you produce. The less you feed or pump, the less you produce. It’s a supply and demand thing.) So as I new mom whos baby is solely living off breastmilk to survive, it’s essential that I don’t slack on this task.

There are many tasks throughout our day that are important that we don’t slack on. Whether it’s within our job, our family, or personal life, it’s important to not drop the ball on things that must get done.

But sometimes the ball gets dropped. You oversleep, forget, underestimate it’s priority level, or forget your wallet. What do you do then? I can tell you what many of us do. We go on complaining the entire day of how bad it started out and how much it’s thrown off. There’s lack of energy and enthusiasm in everything moving forward because this day is terrible and completely out of whack. A fresh start is in order and since that can’t happen until tomorrow, you throw away the rest of the day waiting on a new one.

When things don’t go as planned or are less than what we anticipated it is easy to throw the baby out with the bath water. Meaning, it is easy to get rid of something precious (like time) just because it’s tainted.

When it comes to growing a business, starting a relationship, building a friendship, or pursuing goals there will be things that come up that make the situation look less desirable.

A successful business isn’t perfect because it’s successful, it’s perfect because through all the adversity it still found success.

The love shared between two people isn’t perfect because they are perfect, it is perfect because through both of their imperfections they still find love.

Never get caught up in how things should be that you ignore how things actually are and lose sight of what it could be.

When things are not going as planned and feel off course, instead of standing still, veer back on your bumpy road and ride it out, push through until you reach the other side.

The path isn’t perfect because there are no hiccups, it’s perfect because it didn’t stop you.

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