Atlanta professional organizer

The Home Polish

The Home Polish is perfect for anyone who

  • Enjoys diy projects

  • Ultimately wants their entire home organized

  • Loves step-by-step guides to achieving a goal


  • Custom blueprint on how to organize each area of your home

  • Suggestions on the storage solutions required and where to buy them

  • Learn how to organize

  • Learn tips on how to keep the area organized

  • Receive digital blueprint of your organization guide

  • Time investment of an hour and thirty minutes

  • Cost investment of $175

  • Pick the brain of an organizer and experience what it's like working with one.

The Home Polish is strongly suggested for everyone that works with us. It's a cost effective way to plan out your organization goals. You can pick and choose which projects are best to hire help and which are perfect to tackle on your own. If interested in The Home Polish contact us to set a date.