Unpacking services


Unpacking services

from 155.00

Phase One | Assess: Determine needs to settle in to your new space + identify essentials

Phase Two | Essentials: Unpack + remove items that aren’t essential to current needs

Phase Three | Organize + Systemize: create an organized and simple system that is easy to manage and maintain.

Each service begins with a free phone consultation.

Before paying for any services, please book a consultation

If you have had a consultation, you can pay here for services.

Organizers needed:
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Essential Unpacking Service Includes

  • Unpacking boxes

  • Space planning + storage strategizing

  • Mental + emotional support during the removal of non essentials

  • Organizing + systemizing

  • Digital access to donation receipts

  • Box breakdown + removal

    • Homes - boxes and packing supplies will be placed in trash/recycle

    • Apartments/Condos - boxes and packing supplies will be neatly placed in hallway

      **Trash removal can be arranged

  • Complimentary donation haul