Atlanta Professional Packers and Unpackers


The moving process is not a joyful one.

let us help

Whether you’re relocating due to a company move, family expansion, or downsizing, we at Feel Free Club Organizing can help facilitate a stress free and time-saving experience.

As Professional Organizers, we use an organized method to purging,  packing and unpacking which creates a seamless moving experience. 

Each organizer will be equipped with all the necessary materials to accomplish the move (tape gun, box cutter, sharpie, labels etc.) Moving supplies can be provided if necessary (boxes and packing material) upon request.

*For FREE BOXES search Craigslist or FreeCycle*

 There are multiple ways we can assist in your relocation:



Unpacking + Organizing

Atlanta professional packers and unpackers


1. consultation

All moving consultations are on-site. We take inventory of your needs and create a customized plan to manage your move. A $50 deposit is required and goes towards your invoice. Consultations last 30 min to 1 hour. Contact us to schedule your consult.


Professional Organizers pack room by room leaving nothing behind. All boxes are labeled with a simple system to help movers know exactly where everything goes in your new home. A purging session is highly recommended for all transitions and moves. 

*Moving company or trash haul service can be referred upon request*


We unpack all rooms and organize each area neatly and customized to your specific lifestyle. Your home gets unpacked, organized, and decorated all at the same time.


We make sure you know where everything is by walking-thru each room with you and making any adjustments if needed. By the time we leave, you'll feel confident, relieved, and most importantly, at home.

Complimentary Donation Haul:
At no extra cost we will remove any unwanted items to recycle or donate.