Atlanta Professional home organizer, Melissa Harris

get ready to simplify life.

Women with businesses and babies don’t have time for a messy home.

Atlanta home organizing and system, Melissa Harris of Feel Free Club


update homemaking to the 21st century

9 19 19
We launched our essentialism process focused on simplifying homes to meet the needs of modern motherhood and business ownerdhip.


Your things have an afterlife..


Wish I did this sooner.

— Stylist and mother of two

organized makeup storage

home healing..

each Monday,

Address the stress behind your mess with Melissa. She shares common challenges and solutions in simplifying day to day life and business. Ask questions on organization and essentialism on Instagram live @thefeelfreeclub.

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The monetary value for creating simplicity and ease in life.

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Atlanta professional home organizer of Feel Free Club

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Melissa speaks on simplifying homes for modern motherhood and business ownership.


Melissa is out here saving lives!!

— Atlanta mother and photographer

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